Get more opportunities with the Site’s Heat Map!

In management 4.0, the heatmap or heatmap is important to understand your audience’s activities on the website or blog. Based on this information, it is possible to make strategic changes, achieve new business opportunities and significantly improve the company’s results.

In the era of digital transformation, for a company to guarantee its competitive advantages it is necessary to implement the innovations and ways of managing brought about by 4.0 management.

The heat map is among the technologies listed in this new management model. With it, you can know which parts of your website or blog are drawing the most attention from your audience and, in this way, use the information to increase conversions.

Discover, in this article, what heatmap is, what is the importance of this technology and all the advantages for 4.0 management. 


After all, what is a heat map?

Heat map, or heatmap in English, is a graphical representation indicating, with colors, in which parts of the site or blog were increased activity by the reader.

Red, orange, and yellow represent the snippets that attract users the most or receive the most clicks. On the other hand, cool tones such as green, blue or turquoise show the areas that are being “left out”. 

Basically, there are three types of the heatmap, they are:

  • clicks: measures exactly the parts of the page that received clicks;
  • mouse movementis based on the reader’s mouse movement on the page;
  • scroll: identifies how far on the page the reader has gone and, with this, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments to increase the conversion.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group80% of users’ attention is directed towards the top of the page. In this way, the heatmap enables an understanding of reader behavior and helps improve your strategy.


How important is the heat map?

When site mapping is performed, the chances of delivering strategic improvements are greater, generating more interaction with users. 

This detailed and complete data collected on all pages and their points are rich material for optimizations, as well as being one of the best ways to maximize results

Here are more benefits of the site heat map:


Optimizes content

With content optimization, the delivery of texts with strategic paragraph divisions becomes a reality. The site’s heat map guarantees good scanning parameters, enabling the production of posts with a greater chance of being read to the end.


Reduces bounce rate

First, the heat map helps you understand when readers leave the page . The fact is that there may be several reasons for the user to leave the site, the most important is to understand each one of them and think of strategic solutions to solve each situation. 


Generates more conversion points

The heatmap helps in understanding user navigation and preferences. With this, conversion points can be positioned more attractively, favoring the tastes and habits of visitors.


What are the advantages of heat map in 4.0 management?

This new management model brings numerous benefits to companies, especially when combined with the heat map. 

Now check out the biggest advantages that heatmap provides for 4.0 management:


Data visualization

It doesn’t take a lot of analytical knowledge to understand the data shown by the heat map, as it is a visual tool.

This facility to look at information graphically helps you to predict trends, analyze data and make accurate decisions. 

In practice, those responsible for implementing 4.0 management in the company are able to quickly understand the indicators and debate strategic solutions to obtain more opportunities with innovation. 


Greater performance analysis power

With the need for data-driven management, the team involved gains advantages with heat maps, as the analytical power of professionals is sharpened and simplified. 

A good heatmap makes it possible to analyze performance on different fronts. It can be displayed on countless screens, from TVs to smartphones or notebooks.

These technical facilities provide the sales team with more ability to understand scenarios and use this in favor of the business. 


Low cost

The heat map does not require high investments and offers excellent results.

Another advantage is that precisely because it is not such a complex technology, it is not necessary to structure a large IT department. Public Application Programming Interface (APIs) such as Google Maps are able to develop a heatmap, which makes everything simpler. 


Dynamism in the operation

In the daily life of the 4.0 administration, the insertion of a heat map places significant layers of dynamism. The process of analyzing management reports and verifying performance indicators becomes more practical. 

Professionals will have a digital and visually pleasing resource capable of streamlining the study of data, assisting in the creation of strategic planning.


Productivity gain

The company’s managers will be able to leverage productivity , since there is greater capacity to visualize and analyze data, in addition to monitoring indicators. This ranges from planning to action plans executed by the entire team. By gaining analytical power and dynamic monitoring of information, the team can act in a timely and strategic manner. 

At the end of the day, these facilities leverage and maximize the company’s results, considerably increasing business opportunities. 


Increased sales and revenue

All the benefits mentioned so far increase the company’s results, both in terms of business volume and profit margins

The combination of 4.0 management with the heat map expands the analysis power of professionals and enhances the company’s competitiveness. Which generates more sales and, consequently, greater profitability. 

Therefore, the heatmap alongside this new management model can represent your company’s success. This is a technology capable of introducing data dynamism and intelligence into day-to-day business. 

The analytical power brought by a heat map takes 4.0 management to another level, ensuring the company’s scalability. In addition, it helps managers to have a more strategic view in decision making. 

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