Organic Search vs. Paid Search – How SEO Can Help Your Online Store

What is organic search?

Organic search or also known as organic results are pages and links that are displayed “naturally” in a search engine like Google, for example.

To present these results to users, search engines “cross” several attributes such as:

  • content quality and originality
  • keyword density
  • external and internal links
  • optimized images
  • domain authority

The factors are much more than these, but in general, it is not really known how many attributes are considered for a page or content to be well-positioned, considering that these attributes vary constantly, but some are already well known and worked on by many companies.

The main benefits of organic search

The main reason companies invest in organic search is precise because of the return that this tool can offer. Being well positioned in search engines is a primary objective for many companies and for others this area even ends up being the main business goal. So because of this importance, let’s analyze the pros and cons of organic search and understand whether or not it’s worth investing in this strategy.

Boosts business

This is the main objective of organic search: to drive business in general.

Having good positioning in search engines, your company’s chances of being found are much greater and, consequently, the chances of new business will also be greater.

Generates long-term results

One of the best benefits of being well ranked in organic search is the results that are constantly generated.

An example of this is the creation of relevant content for a certain audience that over time can generate frequent contacts for a long period.

Create authority for your brand

At this point, we have a benefit beyond the financial and more institutional and branding. Getting good results with organic search can generate a certain “respect” and admiration for your brand, and with that, you stand to gain.

Organic Search Problems

However, before thinking that it is easy to invest and have good results with organic search, let’s now see some of the negative points that exist in this modality.

SEO is a medium and long term strategy

Many still have the false idea that investing in SEO is the only thing that needs to be done to have good results with organic search, but they forget that this strategy takes time to show significant results.

To achieve good results you need to have minimal SEO planning and a detailed strategy for how things will be done. Anyway, it is necessary to keep in mind that the results do not appear overnight.


It’s a lot of work

Yes! Getting good results with organic search is a constant job and if you don’t have that will or don’t want to take the trouble to create content often it’s better not to take any chances.

Researching, planning, creating, and measuring are essential steps in this strategy, and being able to rigorously follow these details is what makes all the difference.

Need the knowledge to generate results

As we mentioned before, to get good results with the organic search you need to have knowledge about what to produce and how to produce it. That’s why planning is important, as producing without having a “north” can be a waste of time and effort.


what is paid search

Paid search is the result of another digital marketing strategy. Sponsored links as they are the best-known work by choosing keywords strategically designed to be consistent with what users are looking for.

Paid search, as the name says, is a tool where a certain amount is invested in order to have more visibility in search engines. In this mode, the links are displayed above the organic search results, regardless of whether you have been working on the Internet for some time or not.

The main benefits of paid search

So let’s look at the benefits and cons that this type of strategy has.

quick results

This is the main reason to invest in paid search. For those who want quick results, the sponsored links strategy is an excellent way to attract people and customers interested in your products or services.

Generation of qualified traffic

People who click on your ads usually have already done a specific search and if they came to you, it’s because they are interested in your business in the first place. Having more people accessing your site is more likely to lead to a sale or a contact arising from paid search.

Generation of new business

With more constant traffic to your website, the chances of generating new business are absolutely greater. In this way, paid search is a great opportunity to boost a business quickly.

Problems with paid search

We’ve seen that investing in sponsored links to generate qualified searches can be an excellent way to generate business, but it’s not all wonders. We will see!

can be expensive

A poorly planned campaign can be very expensive and not bring satisfactory results in terms of conversions. Also, to get interesting results with paid search, you must first invest good resources with sponsored links.

Need to have the knowledge to generate good results

Paid search also has its own operation and before investing in this modality, it is necessary to know well its mechanism to optimize the results.

In general, sponsored links work similarly to auction bidding in that companies and brands pay more to appear in the top positions. And that’s where this knowledge of how to manage these issues comes into play.

Does not create recurring results

This is a very negative point in relation to organic search, as paid search results cease when the investment is paused. Therefore, the results with this modality are not recurrent and this may make the investment not worth it.


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