You can boost your website’s traffic by generating qualified leads

Administering a business website can be quite challenging, as you need to devise a good strategy to convert visitors into qualified traffic with users who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

And that goes for both cases, whether it’s an institutional or e-commerce site. Here, Digital Marketing can help you, with some techniques that involve content creation, SEO, paid media and even social media.

Want to find out how this works in practice? So stay tuned for this article and ask your questions!


What is qualified traffic?

First of all, anyone who visits your site is generating traffic, but here we are talking about qualification, so you can understand how users who come to your site and have already shown interest in your offer (potential customers or leads).


After all, the internet is democratic and there may be visitors on your site for several reasons, not necessarily focused on buying. Just like before becoming a qualified visitor, this user has the ability to compare options, prices, review reviews from other customers and much more!


What you need to apply in your strategy!

We are now ready to identify what will make the difference on your website to generate qualified traffic. Check out!


How about organic reach? Count on SEO

If you are looking to save on expenses, SEO is a determining factor. For that, your pages need to be adequate with your proposal , that is, it is necessary to make a good analysis of which terms will be used in each product, model and in the site as a whole. A tip is to bet on the SEMrush platform !

These keywords will be used in all highlighted fields, in titles , website HTML and descriptions .

When creating content, it pays to use header tags such as H1, H2, H3 and so on, in addition to optimized images and videos . And don’t forget to use strategic internal and external links to increase your authority.

Okay, but it all depends on the writing? Not! A good user experience requires a website with a responsive design and no slowdowns.


See how important SEO is? This is the best way to generate traffic because you need to strive to target and nurture your target audience. However, this happens in the long term, so be patient!


Content marketing will be your fuel

This strategy will be essential on your website, whether to generate organic or paid traffic ! Content marketing is about creating and disseminating relevant content to get qualified visitors and turn them into customers .

Therefore, it is linked to the SEO that I talked about earlier, since when using an optimized writing, you save time in the strategy.

After all, does it only encompass text formats? Not! Check out some examples below:


  • Videos : create a youtube channel and explore this format that promises to be the main traffic on the internet for years to come. You can bet on product videos, behind the scenes of the company, reviews, among others;
  • Podcasts : Audio is an incredibly easy format to consume;
  • Images : Advertising on social media relies heavily on visual appeal, so focus heavily on that content.


NOTE: It is worth having an editorial calendar to plan and organize your next steps !


Invest in paid ads

You can choose from several online platforms when it comes to advertising your store. Follow the main ones!


Google Ads

No wonder it remains the best bet to get qualified traffic, Google is the leading search engine worldwide!

To advertise, the focus here is again on keywords, which will be the “baits” for the user to search for something similar to your company.


Facebook Ads

The power of Facebook ads is based on their targeting , based on people’s behavior and interests. It works for both local and international businesses.  

You can reach your target audience through region, age group, gender, employment, relationship status, educational level, and more.


Instagram Ads

That’s the biggest surprise when it comes to digital marketing for ecommerce, because it ‘s the platform with the best ROI . It belongs to Facebook, so campaigns are managed very similarly. 

Here, the tip is to analyze the platform’s characteristics to make sure you get the most reach with the lowest CPC (cost per customer).


Youtube Ads

We arrived at the second largest search engine, second only to Google! The video platform promises to grow a lot more and become the main content format, so it’s worth being inserted in it.  

The most interesting thing about YouTube ads is that you can choose to pay only when customers watch the entire video .


Linkedin Ads

The main highlight of this platform is the ability to find high-level deals, which is precisely why the price is usually more expensive, but you are guaranteed to reach a more qualified audience.


Bet on interactive formats

The consumer is more demanding, so betting on differentiated materials is essential. Here, interactive formats such as quizzes and sweepstakes are a good practice , as in addition to stimulating interaction with the company, it is also a way to gain the trust of your target audience.

The easiest way to do a lottery is through social media, which will help boost these channels.


Make relevant partnerships

According to data from The Influencer Marketing Hub 2020, about 50% of consumers make their purchases after reading a positive review , and 6 out of 10 YouTube subscribers bought something their favorite channel talked about.

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