While one focuses on content positioning techniques in search engines, such as Google, for example, the other focuses on producing content with maximum richness, relevance and quality.

Well, we are talking about SEO techniques and Content Marketing strategy respectively.

This merger has revolutionized many companies around the world due to its innovative profile focused on positive results for users (Google’s main customers) and for companies.

Do you have any idea of ​​the strength this merger can have in your business? Not yet? So you’ve come to the right content because we’ll clarify all your doubts and explain why Content Marketing and SEO has been making so much noise around the world. 


A Successful Junction: SEO and Content Marketing

You may already know that SEO is a set of techniques that aim to increase the quality of visitor traffic and enhance the attraction of leads (potential customers) to a website or blog, right?

That’s because SEO works with positioning techniques, offering more relevance to pages that appear well positioned in search engines and increasing their visibility and chance of improving results.

Content Marketing is the strategy focused on producing relevant content to attract leads and relate to them, offering what they are needing, wanting and researching.

The point is that these two strategies alone are not as powerful as when they are put together.

That’s because it’s no use producing the best content in the world if your target audience won’t find it.

Just as it is no use being positioned on the first page of Google if when the user accesses your page they do not find anything they were looking for or are disappointed with what is being offered due to the lack of quality in the material as a whole.

So, when you put Content Marketing and SEO strategies together, your results really start to come to life, forming a chain reaction.

Because he is attracted once he finds you well positioned in search engines and maintains a relationship with your company when he realizes that he is receiving a quality return for what he is looking for.

But for this to happen it is necessary to focus on some points, such as:

the keywords

At the junction between Content Marketing and SEO, the keywords used in content do not only represent the essential terms for search engine recognition.

They also represent:

  • The chance to analyze information such as what are the most searched terms to act strategically;
  • The ability to track your traffic and insert links in the content to connect with other articles inside and outside your blog that are related to enrich the user experience and bring better results to your pages;
  • The opportunity to develop your programmers with information that your blog needs to be faster, error-free and responsive for mobile access;
  • Building partnerships with other brands and blogs to leverage the number of links and shares;
  • Strengthen your brand image once quality content is being disseminated and found by your leads;
  • Adjust strategy to ensure content is being delivered to the right audience, generating greater authority and impact for your brand;
  • Make sure your blog offers a good experience for the user and search engines by delivering what you offer;

In other words, it goes far beyond positioning, keywords in a junction between Content Marketing and SEO represent a whole network of potential positive results for your business.

Quality content made for attraction

To know how to do Content Marketing and SEO you need to know that it is essential to have consistency and consistency in your posts.

Your content needs to be innovative, copy-free, creative and, along with SEO, easy to index.

This makes it reach the top of search engines much faster than any other.

But, of course, there are numerous factors considered to index content, but the information contained in it with quality is one of them.

In addition, your content must be able to attract your customers and address a specific issue, combining it all with the keyword insertion technique.

In fact, one of the strategies that focus a lot on this topic of Content Marketing and SEO is Inbound Marketing, also known as Attraction Marketing.

Although this is a subject for other content, keep this in mind and start your research in that direction as well.

The technical elements that improve the user experience

Content Marketing and SEO is not just about blogs, articles, keywords and backlinks.

It is also essential to think about technical points such as optimizing your URLs to make them user-friendly. Also, read our friendly URL content.

Dividing your blog into categories is also vital to benefit your user experience.

Also, in the same sense, a good site map ensures an easy approach for users to the content.

Apart from the tags such as “ header ” and “ title ” that allow your site to be indexed more easily and also facilitate your user experience.

In other words, to know how to do Content Marketing and SEO it is necessary to focus on several technical elements to maximize your results. And many of these elements are found within the SEO techniques themselves.