Anyone who works with Digital Marketing knows that to stand out from the competition it is necessary to have a consolidated webpage.

That’s because it’s through it that you can attract more visitors and still leave a good impression of your company on them.

But for that, it is necessary to invest in some website optimization techniques in order to provide them with a pleasant experience, isn’t it?

Not to mention that search engines will still welcome this attitude and will reward you with good placement in search results.

And we know that whoever appears in the top places attracts even more visitors!

But to enjoy all these benefits, you need to have a good SEO tool. Check out the next topics and learn about the best options on the market:

  • 1. Google Analytics
  • 2. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
  • 3. Google Search Console
  • 4. Majestic SEO
  • 5. MozBar
  • 6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • 7. SEMrush
  • Already know how to validate SEO? So get to work!

1. Google Analytics

The first tool option to validate seo is Google Analytics, a search engine platform that allows you to monitor the main metrics, such as:

  • most accessed URL’s;
  • The average length of stay;
  • A number of daily, weekly and monthly sessions etc.

For this, Google Analytics allows the application of filters to compare data, which facilitates the monitoring of performance according to time and objective.

In other words, thinking about website optimization, the search engine tool is a great option.


2. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a very intuitive search engine tool that aims to assess the load time of a domain.

This is because the time it takes for a site to load is an important factor for users who demand more and more speed from the pages for a better experience.

In this way, PageSpeed ​​Insights helps you to check the performance of your domain and thus invest in website optimization.

Undoubtedly, PageSpeed ​​Insights is a great option, but Google still gives you one more alternative to make the seo diagnosis of your page.

3. Google Search Console

Just like the other two options to validate seo, Search Console Insights is also Google’s tool for website optimization.

With it, you can track relevant data for blogs, such as searches that led users to your blog, unwanted links, errors found on your page.

So it is possible to fix these problems and speed up your site’s indexing for better seo marketing results.

See how there is no lack of options to make an seo diagnosis of your page?

4. Majestic SEO

Among seo tools, Majestic is an option aimed at analyzing backlinks.

Available metrics include the total number of backlinks, top referring domains, top referenced pages, etc.

Therefore, the Majestic diagnosis helps to define the quality of a domain, especially for establishing link building priorities.

For this, it offers the service for free if it is to check the site itself, while to evaluate competing pages it is necessary to subscribe to one of the available plans.

5. MozBar

The fifth choice of seo validation platform, MozBar, is actually an extension for browsers to assess the quality of that page.

For this, it checks several factors, such as number and quality of backlinks, organic positioning and website consistency.

Then, a score from 0 to 100 is assigned: the higher the score, the more reliable that domain is.

And because it’s a simple extension, this is a great option to diagnose your competitors’ seo and improve your company’s website optimization strategy.

6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is an excellent option to validate seo and optimize websites, because with it it is possible to perform a complete audit and identify errors in multiple URLs.

As these mistakes can harm the positioning in search engines, it is important to have an seo tool that identifies the flaws, leaving only the job of correcting them.

The platform, very intuitive to perform a SEO diagnosis, even offers a free version, but it comes with some limitations.

7. SEMrush

One of the main tools for website optimization, SEMrush is a great option for monitoring your page.

To do this, just type your domain to access essential data, such as:

  • the main keywords that bring traffic to your website;
  • what keywords your content is positioned;
  • number and analysis of backlinks etc.

And all this information is presented in complete tables, with graphs to facilitate data monitoring.

Furthermore, like other SEO validation tools presented here, with SEMrush you can also analyze the characteristics of competitive domains.