How to do keyword research?

If you got this far searching for “ how to search for keywords? ”, your answer is right below!

Now that you are clear about the importance of keyword search to your business, it’s time to learn how to apply it to practice.

For this, we bring you some essential tips for the success of your strategy.

Start with good brainstorming

To learn how to do a quality keyword search, you need to first adopt other practices.

For example, whether you are alone or with the team that works with you, take a moment to brainstorm which terms you consider relevant to your business.

There will likely be a number of ideas that will come up for you to start doing your keyword study.

But before actually establishing the best ideas, ask several people “ how would you search for X product or Y service on Google? ”.

The answers can start to make clear to you how users usually do their searches and, mainly, how they would search for YOUR business on the internet.

List all the ideas, they will be critical to carrying out your keyword search study.

Search the Google search field

Have you ever noticed that when you start typing a term into Google, an engine automatically tries to complete your sentence with fill options?

Well, this Google system happens, because the moment a user starts doing a search, it automatically fills the field with possible keywords that have a relevant search volume.

Use this auto-completion mechanism in favour of your strategy! After all, it allows you to have ideas of how people are looking for a particular subject.

Attention: to do this test, use an anonymous tab in your browser!

This type of tab clears the browser’s cache, so Google won’t use your search pattern as the default, but the general context of keyword searches.

analyze trends

Analyzing the trends of the most searched terms helps a lot who is trying to understand how to search for keywords to do a quality search for your business.

For this, some tools are essential, such as Google Trends.

With this platform, you can know what are the most talked about topics in recent times and still understand seasonal topics, such as Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, New Year and so on.

This feature is essential even for you to create a content schedule for the year, as this way it is possible to predict some topics that will be searched for on specific dates.

Another essential feature of Google Trends for those looking for a keyword is Hot Trends.

With it, you can choose a country, or leave it wide for the world as a whole, and follow the most searched keywords live.

Also, for those who invest in sponsored links Google Trends is essential, so you know exactly which type of keywords will have more searches for specific dates.

Check Google Related Words

Have you ever noticed that there are keyword search suggestions at the bottom of Google search pages?

This is because Google understands that if the user has reached the end of the search page, it is because he may not have found what he was looking for.

This may be because he has not correctly typed a term that is related to his need. Thus, the search engine offers suggestions for related terms that have a high search volume to help the user.

But in the case of those who are setting up their strategy on how to search for keywords, this feature can serve precisely to understand how people search and boost the results according to the choice of the best terms.

Test with other tools

You’ve seen that there are numerous options on Google to perform your word study, now it’s worth checking out some other tools that can enrich your strategy, so you can do a keyword search ideal for your business.

Keyword Tools

Keyword Tools is a tool capable of searching for keywords from Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay and App Store.

You can use it for free just by typing in the keyword you are looking for. The tool will give you a list of suggestions related to over 750 we’ve searched.

However, you will notice that some information remains blocked in the free search.

To have access to more complete data for each term, create an account and sign one of the plans for the tool that best fits your pocket and matches your goals.


SEMrush is a service that also offers paid and free versions of keyword search.

In the paid version, you can have a set of information that helps you analyze various data referring to your pages, including keywords.

The tool offers suggestions for terms with the same purpose and also related ones to make your keyword search even more complete.

Other than that, SEMrush offers super complete data about each word, such as:

  • Organic and paid search volume;
  • Keyword trend;
  • Distribution of cost per click;
  • Sites ranked for the keyword;
  • The difficulty of classification;
  • Amount of content pointed to the specified terms.

But the great advantage of the tool is that it allows you to enter your competitors’ pages to have the same information listed above, in addition to which are the most used terms and which had the best performance.


UberSuggest is a free keyword search tool option. It offers keyword suggestions and provides an overview of the searches, such as:

  • Volume;
  • Seasonality;
  • Cost per click and several others.

In addition, in the tool, there is an option called “Keyword Suggestions”, with which you can see the results pulled from the suggestions of Google or its planner.

All this in one place!

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