Regardless of what stage your company is currently at, one thing is certain, it’s always important to know how to improve sales.

Not just by increasing profits, but by growing brand positioning. In other words, sometimes it is better to sell to more people for a lower price than to sell to a smaller number of people for a higher price.

After all, that’s how you propagate the brand, which in the long run will allow you to adjust the price to what you want, without losing customers, as they will already know your brand and products.

So that’s why, regardless of your company’s current results, it’s always good to know some strategies to help identify and understand customers’ habits with your brand.

Thus, if your company has a website, and it is not possible for any employee to be aware of the actions of potential customers as in physical stores, the ideal is that you can apply the heat map.

It may also be known as a heat map. But what really matters is that it will display exactly where your website visitors clicked.

But calm down, we’ll explain everything to you within the following topics:

  • What is a heat map?

  • How can heatmap help improve your business sales?
  • study the results

What is a heat map?

Know what a heat map is

A website heat map is a kind of performance and behaviour assessment that shows the areas of the website where the visitor clicks.

Then, with a compilation of data, he points out the “hottest” areas, that is, the ones that customers click the most.

This is done through qualitative maps that range from intense colours of red to blue, which are the least clicked places.

The red areas are the ones that attract the most clicks and therefore should be a point of attention.

Colours may vary from the way we see the stripe below.

See an example heat map

But this is just a basic reminder of what a site heatmap is, if you want to better understand what it is and how it works, we have deeper content on this example of marketing intelligence.

In this text, we will understand how the site heat map can be an essential factor in increasing your sales.

How can heatmap help improve your business sales?

Now that we’ve refreshed the memory with what is a heat map, or heat maps, we can see the advantages of this among the many digital marketing techniques for performance evaluation.

The qualitative maps that can be made with heat maps will show you what the most attractive places on your site are, but it is your job to know what should be absorbed from this information.

In other words, your company’s marketing intelligence needs to know how to read heat maps so that the information can be used in a useful way.

So see some points of attention when performing the “reading” of a site heat map.

A/B test

Learn how to use heatmap and A/B testing

Qualitative maps may be the best way to look at the results of your A/B tests, after all, so you can more clearly identify which items were effective on the page and should stay there.

With the heat map pointing out which areas are most attractive to the customer, it is much easier to perform the performance review, without having to wait for a longer period to see changes in sales.

This speeds up the testing process, giving you the chance to have your website more inviting in a shorter amount of time, that is, better user experience and more profit for your company.


Leverage the power of cta with heat map analysis

Your website’s call to action buttons is certainly one of the areas that should attract more attention from those who browse the page.

So a good study of your qualitative maps can point out which factors may be responsible for driving away from the visitor from the CTA’s of your site.

This way, as with A/B testing, it is easier to perform a performance evaluation to understand how to improve your CTA’s magnet.

Perhaps a simple change of position can be enough for the button to be the highlight of the user’s navigation.

It is up to the marketing intelligence to identify, based on data from the site heat map, what can be changed without losing the essence and ease of access for potential customers.

study the results

Perform heat map analysis to improve your business results

Finally, now that you’ve seen how heatmaps can help you improve your website sales from marketing intelligence that will study your page’s performance evaluation.

So, the time has come to not only understand what drives your customers away but to put into practice the changes so that this rejection scenario changes.

So, assess factors knowing that it is clear that the home page will have a good performance rating on the qualitative maps.

But pay attention to whether along with the content, that is, towards the end of the pages, if the customer is still following the page, otherwise, the content may not have been interesting enough for him to go to the end of the reading.

Therefore, the importance of marketing intelligence, site heat maps go beyond simply changing CTA’s position, it is necessary to understand the processes within the customer experience while navigating the page.

So now that you know the heat map – heat map – you can start planning the insertion of this method on your website pages.