Anyone who works with Digital Marketing knows the importance of appearing among the top results of a Google search.

This is because with this it is possible to increase the power of your company’s reach without having to invest a lot.

After all, to bet on an SEO strategy just follow some criteria, such as the production of relevant content and insertion of links to complete the user experience.

In this way, Google’s algorithm can read your content and see its value, thus placing it among the top results of a search.

Therefore, understanding how some of these “little robots ” like RankBrain work is essential for the success of your SEO strategy.

And no wonder, this will be the theme of this content! Come on?

What is RankBrain? Understand how it affects search results!

We call RankBrain Google’s ranking algorithm released in 2015. In other words, it is nothing more than a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that helps the search engine process the results of a search.

Therefore, we can say that this Google algorithm still helps to rank the web page, becoming the third most relevant ranking criterion, second only to the number of links and the quality of the content.

But it is noteworthy that in the case of RankBrain, it is in charge of processing rare and unique searches, as it can interpret searches made through several disconnected words and go after results of synonyms of that term.

That’s because instead of looking word for word, it interprets the full meaning of a sentence at once.

Therefore, this Google algorithm is able to understand specific long-tail keywords and find related topics to generate a useful and relevant result page.

With this, searches are more reliable, increasing the degree of success of Google and helping thousands of people who use the site every day.

Learn how to optimize a page to get through the sharp look of RankBrain


Amazingly, RankBrain does not require a very different SEO strategy from what we see out there.

That’s because to appear among the top results of a search, Google’s algorithm still prioritizes the quality of content, which includes the correct use of a keyword, the use of tags, links, etc.

What changes here is that Google’s algorithm is based on what the company’s engineers see and experience in the offline world in order to make searching more believable.

So, we have 3 very simple tips that can help you when producing content for the web.

Come on?

1. Grow your keyword list

As we talked about throughout this content, RankBrain can understand even the most complex keywords.

So, when doing your keyword research for your blog content, expand the range of options to include variations and terms related to it.

With this, you can increase your reach and maximize your results!

2. Make producing useful and relevant content your priority

With each new Google algorithm, the demand for useful and relevant content is increasing.

Therefore, focus your production on complete texts, which remove all doubts from the public and which are valuable to them.

Thus, Google will understand that your page will actually contribute to a good user experience, increasing your chances of appearing among the top results of a search.

3. Optimize your SEO strategy for people, not algorithms

When setting the parameters for your SEO strategy, consider that it should provide a good user experience and not like a Google algorithm like RankBrain.

To better understand what we mean, imagine you’re doing a keyword research on visual communication and you’ve come across the following variations:

  1. visual communication
  2. what visual communication

Notice how the first is with the full meaning and spelling, while the second is just the opposite.

Therefore, it is correct to use the term visual communication in your text, as the other variation will cause noise when reading your content.

Also, don’t forget to match the themes and language of your material to your persona, that is, the semi-fictional profile of your ideal client based on surveys among your current consumers.

With this, you will be able to produce truly relevant content to your audience and that will be well seen in the eyes of RankBrain at the same time.