There are thousands of strategies within Digital Marketing, each one having its speciality and purpose.

For you to understand which of these actions to start applying in your business, it is necessary to set goals and know your target audience for real.

From then on, you can start using SEM techniques, the strategy that can make you appear on the first pages of Google in an organic or paid way.

But wait… You don’t know what SEM is? So read this content right now!

What is SEM?

search engine marketing

We call SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) or Marketing for Search Engines, in free translation, the set of techniques capable of placing your company’s website or blog first on Google, among other online search engines.

Therefore, the effectiveness of Search Engine Marketing techniques can be done both organically (SEO) and paid (Sponsored Links).

For you to understand even better what Search Engine Marketing is, let’s talk a little more about SEO and Sponsored Links below.

Come on?

What is SEO?

As Search Engine Marketing, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is one of the terms most searched by people when it comes to Digital Marketing.

That’s because this technique aims to use actions that improve the user experience on a page, in order to attest to its quality and achieve a good position in the results of a search.

After all, as thousands of content are published daily on various web pages, search engines have their own criteria for evaluating and indexing them in a search.

Thus, when properly applied, SEO techniques, such as the production of useful and relevant content, use of keywords, etc., help Google’s algorithms, for example, to check the quality of a website.

With this, the chances of you placing your website among the top positions in a search increase, which is essential to increase organic traffic to your page.

But it is noteworthy that Google updates constantly, so it is important to be aware of the news in Digital Marketing to keep in line with good SEO practices.

In addition, it is necessary to be patient with this technique within the concept of what SEM is, as the first results with SEO appear in the medium to long term.

Now that you know what SEM and SEO are, let’s better understand how sponsored links work.

Boost results with sponsored links

Another very well known strategy in Digital Marketing has sponsored links.

With them, you make your company’s website or blog appear first in Google, usually being identified with the word “ADD”.

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In addition to online search engines, you can also create sponsored links on social networks and other partner blogs, in addition to various channels.

But if with SEO I appear in the top positions for free, why should I pay a Sponsored Link?

Well, as we talked about in the previous topic, it will take a while for you to generate authority for your website’s domain and gain good positions in the results of a search.

With sponsored links, it is possible to have resulted from the beginning, giving the time that your SEO strategy needs to work without your company suffering from it.

Well, now that you fully understand what SEM is, let’s explain the difference between SEO and SEM in the topic below.

Understand the difference between SEO and SEM

SEO and SEM go beyond the similarities between the terms. That’s because each one encompasses different actions.

That’s because the concept of what SEM is encompasses strategies that aim to make your company’s website or blog appear in the top spots on Google, whether organic or paid.

SEO is concerned only with actions aimed at organic traffic. In other words: SEO is an SEM action, which in turn is a much broader strategy.

By the way, to get you really up to speed on the differences between SEO and SEM, check out our content on the topic.

But after all, which is better for the business: SEO or SEM?

The first step in deciding between SEO or SEM is to assess your company’s financial condition.

That’s because from this point on, you’ll know which approach is best for your situation, whether it’s just focusing on organic traffic or if it’s possible to leverage it with a certain investment.

But quite objectively, if you want to build a great relationship with your prospects, you need to make a complete SEM strategy.

That is, investing in SEO techniques, but also betting on sponsored links to keep your strategy sustainable from the beginning.

Thus, you generate much faster and more effective results, increasing your enterprise’s profit and having autonomy in the market.